The Flooring Guide

How to Install Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood floors is an expensive home improvement procedure, but it does boost a home’s appearance besides being durable. This durability is brought about through proper preparation. The following steps will come in handy for a diy, but if you would like professionals to do it, please contact floor tile installation services Bonney Lake.

You have to assess the width and length of the floor first. Measurements should be taken whether it is a new or old floor. Take the width and length and convert them to footage to make the process easy. This will help you ensure that the material you take are just enough. Also, you have to leave room for any additional requirements.

You have to check if the floors are squeaky. Also check the sub-floor carefully. You should do all it takes to eliminate instances of squeaky floors. The minimal amount needed for floors is ¾. You should ensure that they are screwed properly.

Roll the barrier paper from the vapor. You should ensure to use the 15-pound tar paper in this case. It should be rolled out in a way that there is no inter-lapping. Ensure to mark with a pencil places that may need joists.

Next, start installing the floors. This is where you have ensured your preparation is done right and the floors are ready for installation. Start from the walls while creating outlines. This allows space for expansion and contraction of the timber.

Next, install the planks. A good anchor is needed to ensure that the boards are hoisted properly. Enter the crawling space to check the space left behind.

You should nail and staple the planks afterwards. At this stage, two process can be used. These are blind nailing and face nailing. Both are quicker but you need to be careful. You should use and power nailer to make the process simpler. You can also use a pneumatic nail gun to drive staples to the timber.

Ensure to fill any gaps. Cut the end wall to ensure that the groove fits perfectly. You should then line it with a piece that lies alongside a hole.
You should ensure the holes are filled with wood putty. Always make sure it matches wood used. Afterwards, remove the shoe molding and replace it with putty. Finally, wipe the surroundings to leave the area appealing.

Having a shiny house is an exceptional achievement. With the measures given above you can achieve this fix easily. For tile installations, Check out Puyallup tile installers.